My name is Crystal Devine. I'm a freelance graphic designer specializing in typesetting, book layout and printed material design. I have over thirteen years of industry experience including print and web design. For the past five years I've focused primarily on typesetting, book layout and design. I've typeset over forty-five books, many with extensive illustrations and other art work. I thoroughly enjoy my work and client satisfaction is my top priority. My rates are based on page-count plus artwork and include edits.

See my Portfolio page to view samples of my work.


I use Adobe CS4 and CS5.5 software including InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. I'm also skilled with QuarkXPress and Dreamweaver.


I'm available to discuss engagements with prospective clients. If my services represent a good fit for a client, I'll provide a project agreement detailing rates, terms, and conditions. Once a project agreement is in place, the client sends formatting specs and manuscript files (MS Word or text) via either e-mail or FTP. For FTP I either provide a site or use the client's repository. In addition to the electronic files, I often receive a marked-up hardcopy. Once the source material is received, I prepare a sample chapter (in PDF format) for preliminary design review. Once the design is approved, the remainder of the book is typeset and submitted for a full content review. Any edits are transmitted via e-mail and incorporated into the final, print-ready version. The print-ready version is delivered in Adobe PDF format along with all raw design files (e.g., InDesign files, fonts, and images). For an additional charge I can work directly with a printer or service bureau. Marked-up hard-copy manuscripts are returned or destroyed. To ensure clarity and an accurate record I prefer project communication via e-mail.


I typically require two weeks to design a book. A faster turnaround can be arranged, subject to the size and complexity of the project.


I take pride in my professionalism, creativity, beating deadlines, and coming in below budget when possible. Since my work requires very few edits, I charge a flat per-page and per-illustration rate. No charge for second round or final edits!

There are two exceptions to the above pricing. First, should there be a significant design change or modifications to source content late in the design process an extra charge may be added. This charge is determined on a case-by-case basis. Second, small projects (i.e., less than 50 pages) will be quoted as a flat rate.

Please contact me for pricing and references.

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